What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the centre of all digital advertising methods. Simply, whenever you have an ad for your business on the internet, and you pay only when an client clicks on that ad, you are taking advantage of PPC advertising. The great thing about PPC: You do not pay a dime unless it works. Meaning you only pay when your ad is good enough to drive traffic to your site!

So far, PPC sounds like a no-brainer. However, the challenge that arises is two fold:

1. Getting clicks from the right people.

Getting clicks is great, but getting clicks from the right people is the goal. This is where the mantra “know your audience” plays a huge role. Say you sell snow plows, if you are only getting clicks from curious folks in Florida, your advertising budget is being wasted. Instead, you should show your ad to only the people most likely to make a purchase. This means not only targeting snowy locations, but also targeting the people that have shown interest in plowing snow. This is called the art of defining your audience. 


2. Turning the right people, into customers.

Finding interested people on the internet is not a difficult task. The real challenge is converting those people into loyal customers. This is where website analysis plays a key role. Analyzing your customers behaviour on your website from landing page to exit page can tell you a lot about your audience. What are they drawn to? Where are they losing interest? The goal is to make your customers journey from landing page to cart as seamless and inviting as possible.

We Work With:

The most powerful PPC platform. Ads are shown when people search things relevant to your business. This means you can target people actively looking for what you offer.
As far as social networks go, Facebook may be the most valuable advertising tool for growing businesses. The extensive ability to define your audience is a huge benefit.
Instagram has a massive user base, which means chances are that you will find your audience on this app. Instagram relies heavily on image based advertising.

We Offer Competitive Packages

Our Proven PPC Method

Define Your Audience
We carefully, with extensive research, get to know your audience even better than you. We learn who they are, where they are located, and where to find your audience on the web.
Custom Ad Design
We design ads with great detail. Everything from custom made graphics and videos, to the perfect headings, descriptions, and landing pages.
Foolproof Analytics
We monitor our results daily through Google Analytics. This ensures your ads are optimized daily, and new ads are always informed by past results. Each new ad is a step closer to perfection.
100% Free Correspondence
Unlike other marketing agencies, we never charge for emails, phone-calls, or meetings. The key to a successful campaign is you! Without you, none of this is possible.